It’s Empty Isn’t It?

Hi, everyone!

I hope you are all doing well!~ I realize that since my blog is brand new, there won’t be a lot of traffic coming through but I want to ensure anyone who visits that I am indeed still working on my blog! Don’t worry I didn’t abandon it! I realize it’s basically empty but I promise once I get all the menus and information about my blog among other things done, I will start blogging about all the wonderful things about SL!

I’m already preparing my first post about an amazing & beautiful store in SL called .:Malt:. for you! Just wait and bear with me for awhile longer! For the time being, feel free to check out FabFree! They are a wonderful group of individual writers/bloggers who are dedicated to finding all things under $75L including tons of freebies!

Thank you for understanding & support! I really appreciate it! Have an amazing Thursday!


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