Free To Stay Program!

We all want a place to call home, even if it’s a virtual home in a virtual world! There’s nothing like having your own space to do whatever it is you feel like doing. However, we all know it can get a little pricey in SL. For those on a gold hunting budget like me, can’t earn enough to pay for a decent home.

So I decided to go home searching! I found a shelter which was my temporary home for awhile until I found Girl Town which was a lovely group home for female only! I enjoyed both places very much. They were both very friendly but it wasn’t “my” home…I continued my search and found a program hosted by the nicest people ever!

The program is called “Free To Stay“. It is hosted by a non-profit group called Sambiglyon. The Free To Stay program or FtS for short is a wonderful program. They offer tenants a free 1000 sq m (30x30m) plot of land or a private skybox, a 50 prim object placement allowance, and free media streaming to your land! How awesome is that? In addition to the 50 prim allowance, you have the option to increase your limit by paying $1L for 1 additional prim.Sambiglyon also have homes & houses available to those who can’t afford to buy a home of their own! They also extend their FtS to charities, non-profits, and start up businesses! In order to apply for this program all you have to do is contact them! It’s that simple. As of right now, there is a waiting list but don’t let that stop you from applying! As you wait for a spot, stay at a shelter or a group home. It won’t be your own personal space but it’s still somewhere you can call home!

*Update: The website has changed and the Free to Stay program is no longer listed on the website. Even though it’s not listed, it is still being offered as of July 23, 2017. 

You can visit the website here: Sambiglyon Homepage
You can read their renting and term of services here: Renter TOS Page

The best person to contact to apply for the program is Fleet Goldenberg. He’s very nice and very helpful. You can contact him in-game via IM. You can also contact anyone on the contact page and they will gladly help you get started!

Here are some shelters I found along the way, that you can stay at:

The Shelter – Open To All
Girl Town – Girls Only – No Child Avi

♦ I have not visited these shelter ♦

Dirty Waves HQ & Homeless Shelter & Diavolo Creations Showroom
Women’s Shelter & Homeless Rescue Mission Of SL

If I find any new ones, I’ll be sure to let you know! If you found some shelters or group home that you would like to share or if you own a shelter or group home, feel free to leave the information in the comment and I’ll add it the list! Thank you!


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