Happy 12th Birthday Second Life!

Second Life is now 12 years old! It’s been up and running since June 23, 2003! To celebrate Second Life’s 12th birthday, SL Community is throwing a huge celebration!

You can go ahead and drop by here for more information!

There are plenty of live concerts, mini events, and other events like some stand-up comedy, exhibits, etc. There are different events running around the clock so there’s a little something for those in a different time zone! Here’s a schedule!

The event I’m looking forward to the most is the SL12B Hunt!! Nothing beats a celebration than free stuff! I actually haven’t started on any of the events yet (I’m so busy!) but when I do, I hope to see you there! There are actually 2 hunts going on for SL12B! You can find out more about the SL12B Big Hunt here and The SL12B Nano Hunt here!

Important dates:
SL Celebration: June 21, 2015 – June 28, 2015
SL Big Hunt: June 21, 2015 – July 4, 2015
SL Nano Hunt: June 21, 2015 – July 4, 2015

Happy Hunting & Happy Birthday Second Life!


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