How Much Luck Do You Have Left?

Looks like I used up all my luck on those chairs… I was on my way to a New Years party and seem to have taken a wrong turn somewhere. On the upside, the penguins are adorable!

With the new year literally around the corner, I wanted to use any luck I had left for 2017! It looks like I had just enough left to get all 8 women lucky chair gifts (1 chair for the men too!) from Bri’s Underground Wear. A group tag is required, free to join.

For this round of chairs, you can collect all 9 white outfits. Different styles for different occasions! Each chair gives you the full look! You get the outfit, shoes, accessories, and make-up. There’s also a sale going on where you can get any white outfits in the store at 50% off.

My outfit above is from the middle chair. It has a beautiful flower deco for the dress and your hair and comes with the full makeup which I opted out for my picture. The beautiful sandal heels (slink high feet) are included!

My eyes are also a free group gift, free to join from *bluebird*! It comes in 14 different colors! It was made for LAQ mesh head but also works for classic avatars! They also have other group gifts available! My beautiful crimson lipstick is a free tester from Alaskametro<3. It comes with system layers and an omega applier. Catwa & Lelutka appliers are also available! Overflow Poses also has 6 free gifts on their marketplace! Buy them for $0L!

Bri’s Underground Wear also has 2 free group gifts out for men and women. You can check out the women’s group gift in my previous post! If you are in the SLF&O, Omega Obsession, or FitMesh group, you can pick up a free group gift too! All three are free to join! I’m not sure how long this round of chairs, gifts, and sale will last so drop by soon!

xMegitsune is wearing:

Hair: !Soul ♦ Mesh Hair – No Longer Available
Outfit: Bri’s Underground Wear ♦ Khausiki – Free Lucky Chair Gift – Free to Join
Choker: Chic Moda ♦ Mae Choker – Old Cosmopolitan Gift
Septum: MODA ♦ Triplicity Septum Ring

Mesh Body: Ebody ♦ Free Version – $1L
Mesh Head: LAQ ♦ Neve – Bento / Motion Capture
Eyes: *bluebird* ♦ LAQ Eyes 01 – Soft Air – Free Group Gift – Free to Join
Lipstick: Alaskametro<3 ♦ Crimson Tester – Free Tester
Skin Applier: LAQ ♦ Blair – Pale – Free Group Gift – Free to Join
Poses: Overlow Poses ♦ Pack Gift 5 (2) – Free Marketplace Gift

SIM: Winter, Happy New Year @ Painful Meltdown


The Aliens Are Among Us!

Who would have thought that aliens are so kind and fashionable? (I am 90% sure, I was not abducted, probed and brainwashed…) The alien, I mean Mr. Beazty Merlin is so kind to offer bait for us humans!

Find me to the right of the landing point behind the teleporter. Expires on the 01/04/18!

Wait, did I just say bait? I mean gifts! Why on earth did I say bait…weird things are happening to me. There are 13 free group gifts (free to join Alien Gizmo’s) for you at the mainstore along with a free $200L gift card. There is free gift card every week! No group is required for the gift card so tell all your friends!

There’s also an energy life force sucking station where 5 lucky chairs, 2 mini mania, and 2 midnight madness (group tag required) are set up to distract you! There are an unknown amount of goodies every 12 minutes in the chairs to keep you trapped for a long time… *collapses*

Did you hear something…? I think there’s something behind me…

What happened! I blacked out for a second…what was I saying? Where am I? Last I remembered was trying on this beautiful free dress, a group gift for SLF&O and telling you guys about the very amazing non-probing, non-life threatening, calm and soothing atmosphere of Alien Gizmo’s!

Strange things are happening to me and around me… Hold on, how do I get home from here..? While I figure out what’s going on, come pick up your free group gifts and try your luck at the lucky chairs! I’m sure all this strangeness,  has nothing to do with Alien Gizmo’s.

FYI, the gift card can be used in the men’s store and Erotica. All on the same SIM, you can use the transporter at the landing point. The gift cards do have an expiration date, so use them asap! This weeks gift card expires on January 4th, 2018!

xMegitsune is wearing:

Hair: Fabia ♦ Betty Fat Pack – Free Xmas Group Gift – Free to Join
Dress: Alien Gizmo’s ♦ Lotus Dress – Free SLF&O Group Gift – Free to Join
Septum: MODA ♦ Triplicity Septum Ring

Mesh Body: Ebody ♦ Free Version – $1L
Mesh Head: LAQ ♦ Neve – Bento / Motion Capture
Eyes: KoKoLoRes ♦ Doll – Gold – Free Gift
Skin Applier: LAQ ♦ Blair – Pale – Free Group Gift – Free to Join
Pose: Crystal Poses ♦ Lisa Pose 2

Sim: U.F.O Abduction – The Experience ♦ Adult Sim


The Perfect Snowflake

I censored my girls for this picture. Your lingerie will not have a circle covering the breast area…

I have always wanted to catch a snowflake falling gently from the skies and landing perfectly on my tongue… And now I have! What a great way to end the year, I managed to do something “productive”. I would have never been able to in real life since snow seems to hate us Californians.

I know I shouldn’t go out in the snow in this outfit but I saw that perfect snowflake falling and I had to go catch it! Even though I wouldn’t recommend you to go running in the snow with it, it’s the perfect lingerie to snuggle up with that perfect someone or pillow. (Pillows need loving too!)

You can pick up this lovely outfit as a free group gift @ Bri’s Underground Wear. You must join the free group to receive your gift! The outfit also comes with a pair of matching high heels, stocking, gloves, makeup, and a gold ♥ jewelry set (pictured above). Appliers are included!

While you are there don’t forget the 3 affiliate gifts, men’s group gift, and lucky chairs in the back along with 50% off on all white clothing!

More Gifts!

My new hair, Betty, is a lovely free Xmas Group Gift from Fabia, it’s a fat pack with 6 different color huds filled with tons of hair color options! There’s more! It comes with a hud that changes the hairstyle in 5 different ways! How awesome is that?! The group is currently free to join!

Remember that perfect snowflake I was so eager to catch? You can catch it too! It is a free group gift from LAQ. It comes with a pose and the snowflake! Free to join LAQ!

My body pose is a part of a cute pose set called Yukine from Hazy.. It’s one of the many free gifts at the Okinawa Winter Festival. No group required! The festival ends on January 16!

The deliciously fierce gold eyes (system and mesh) are a free gift from KoKoLoRes. You don’t need to join the group to get these eyes but from now until December 31st, the VIP Group is free to join! After the 31st, it will return to $250L! There are also 2 other free gifts along with the 2 group gifts ready to be picked up. You can find other limited time free to join groups here!

Lastly, the cute little heart stickers under my eyes are a free group gift from Nevrose. There are 4 other group gifts for you to grab! The group is free to join!

xMegitsune is wearing:

Hair: Fabia ♦ Betty Fat Pack – Free Xmas Group Gift – Free to Join
Lingerie & Underwear: Bri’s Underground Wear ♦ Ira – Free Group Gift – Free to Join
Heart Eye Stickers: Nevrose ♦ Pasties Eye Hearts – Free Group Gift – Free to Join
Bracelet & Necklace: Bri’s Underground Wear ♦ Ira – Free Group Gift – Free to Join
Choker: Chic Moda ♦ Mae Choker – Old Cosmopolitan Gift
Septum: MODA ♦ Triplicity Septum Ring

Mesh Body: Ebody ♦ Free Version – $1L
Mesh Head: LAQ ♦ Neve – Bento / Motion Capture
Eyes: KoKoLoRes ♦ Doll – Gold – Free Gift
Skin Applier: LAQ ♦ Blair – Pale – Free Group Gift – Free to Join
Pose w/ Snowflake: LAQ ♦ Snowflake On Tongue – Free Group Gift – Free to Join
Pose: Hazy. @ Okinawa Winter Fair ♦ Yukine Pose 1 – Free Gift


Be a VIP for Free!

Logos belong to their respectful owners!

For the Holidays and new year, some groups are offering free membership for a limited time while some are introducing group fees for the new year! These groups offer many special perks for their members including exclusive group gifts, store credit, etc. Each group has different things to offer. You can check their group for all the VIP details! To join the group just hop on over to the mainstore and use any group joiner!

All the information is highlighted for you below! (I really need more than 42 group slots!)

Free to join until December 31, 2017
Join fee will return to $50L
Multiple gifts available

Free to join until December 31, 2017
Join fee will return to $250L
Exclusive multiple gifts available

HEC (Hot Elegant Clothing)
Free to join until January 1st, 2018
Multiple gifts available

Deluxe Body Factory
Free to join until January 1st, 2018
Join fee will return to $299L
Exclusive gift & MM / LL

I’m not sure if these groups are going to continue with their plans of adding a group fee. The notices aren’t there anymore but just in case, it is listed here for you!

Clef de Peau
Free to join until? Best to join asap.
Previous join fee was $100L
Gift available – For men too!

Free to join until? Best to join asap.
There was a notice that a fee will be added soon
Multiple gifts available

Nerido Luxury Fashion
Free to join until? Best to join asap.
There was a notice that a fee will be added soon
Gift available


Life Never Goes Accordingly!

Hi everyone! ( ° ∀ ° )ノ゙It’s been awhile since I last wrote a post! I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday

As I was typing up this post, a song had popped into my head, that I felt pretty much summed up how I am feeling right now. You Tim Burton fans will surely recognize this wonderful song!

I had originally planned to do a lot of blogging for the 3 lovely holidays that typically bring in a lot of gifts, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Obviously, those plans didn’t make it past the gates. *awkward laugh*

With the new year coming in 3 days, I wanted to blog at least a few things before the year ended. My last hoorah for the year, hoping that this good energy will continue into 2018!

I would like to thank everyone who stopped by and read my posts! It means so much to me that my blog was a bit helpful to you! In case life doesn’t go according to plan again! I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! May the new year bring you nothing but happiness, joy, love, great health and fortune. (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚