Finding The Right One

The eggplant “Zara” skirt available at ROA mainstore on 02/01/18!

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was walking around with my new LAQ head (which I splurge on during the holiday sale, $500L instead of $5000L seemed like a great investment) on my dusty system body. After a lot of staggering hard work, I was able to afford my Maitreya body.

The Search Begins
As much as I love my new body, I had to scrap most of my inventory. Most of my clothing was system based and wasn’t compatible with Maitreya. So when Roxie sent me this lovely “Zara” skirt, I went on a mission and went through my 70,000 untouched items in search of the perfect top to go with it.

Mind you, my memory is horrible and I don’t remember 95% of what is in my inventory. I ended up spending a good amount of time going through items I didn’t even know I had. After who knows how long, I finally found a top that complimented the awesome denim skirt!

Back To The Featured Item!

Red “Zara” can be found at the E\M Event for only $90L!

My teasing “Zara” denim skirt is a new release from ROA. The cleverly placed slit right in the middle brings you a nice breeze while giving those around you just the right amount of tease. *winks*

“Zara” is available in two colors, the purple and red pictured above. They are both rigged for the following bodies: all 3 Belleza, Maitreya, both SlinkStandard XS-L +Alpha, and TMP.

You can pick up the red “Zara” at the E\M Event from February 1 to February 15 for $90L. The eggplant purple “Zara” can be found at the mainstore for $90L as well starting February 1st!

xMegitsune is wearing:

Photo 1
Skirt: ROA ♦ Zara Skirt – Purple – $90L

Hair: Alice Project ♦ Kara – Retired Gift
Top: Invidah ♦ Breezy Top – Retired Gift
Mesh Body: Maitreya ♦ Lara 4.1
Mesh Head: LAQ ♦ Neve – Bento / Motion Capture
Eyes: KoKoLoRes ♦ Doll – Gold – Free Gift
Lipstick: Alaskametro<3 ♦ LiquidShine – Orchid – Retired Item
Skin Applier: .xxx ♦ Cinderella – Retired Group Gift
Pose: {Way} ♦ Camila

Photo 2
Skirt: ROA @ E\M Event – Red – $90L

Mesh Body: Maitreya ♦ Lara 4.1
Skin Applier: .xxx ♦ Cinderella – Retired Group Gift

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Date Night

Left: “Clara” dress in cranberry – Right: “Clara” dress in black

February is finally here and I’m already ready for my v-day date night! Well, in SL at least. I have nothing in RL as beautiful as this dress from ROA.

My gorgeous “Clara” Evening Dress has a delicate sheer illusion neckline decorated with elegant weaved lines and beads while being veiled by a flowing heart pattern chiffon overlay.

My photo doesn’t show the hearts well on the black but trust me it’s there~ You can also click on the photo for a standalone photo of the black “Clara”. You can see the hearts a bit better.

It comes in two colors, the cranberry red & classic black. Both dresses are made in the following sizes: all 3 Belleza, Fitmesh (One Size), Maitreya, both Slink, and
Standard XXS-L +Alpha.

“Clara” in cranberry will be available for $100L on February 1st at the E\M Event to be worn on any date or classy event. “Clara” in black is a sneak preview and will be available at a later date for a different event.

The E\M Event officially open on February 1st until February 15. There are multiple gifts available ranging from $0L – $10L. Some gifts do require a group join which has a variety of fees and free to join! Always check before joining!

xMegitsune is wearing:

Dress: ROA @ E\M Event ♦ Clara Evening Dress – Cranberry – $100L
Dress: ROA @ E\M Event ♦ Clara Evening Dress – Black – Not Released Yet

Hair: .EscalateD. ♦ Kara – Winter Edition
Mesh Body: Maitreya ♦ Lara 4.1
Mesh Head: LAQ ♦ Neve – Bento / Motion Capture
Eyes: KoKoLoRes ♦ Doll – Gold – Free Gift
Lipstick: Alaskametro<3 ♦ Crimson Tester – Free Tester
Skin Applier: .xxx ♦ Cinderella – Retired Group Gift
Pose: Belle Poses ♦ My Hearts <3 – Heart 3 – Candy Fair Past Gift

*The lipstick was tinted using LAQ’s hud to achieve the cranberry color~

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Last Day! Everything is 49L!

These ads belong to Ms. Hazan Abbot. They were snapshotted at the mainstore.

I apologize for this late notice but I just got word that today is the last day for this awesome sale! Sentinus Designs is closing their door today to open a new original merchandise store. To say goodbye to the old Sentinus, Hazan Abbot has decided to make everything in her store only $49L!

Sentinus Designs makes a wide range of women’s clothing (mesh and appliers), shoes and hair. When I walked around the store, I saw clothing for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink. Standard, and TMP. Most of the items in-store had demos and clear size markings on each photo.

These ads belong to Ms. Hazan Abbot. Snapshots at the mainstore.

I wish I had more money (Maitreya really put a dent in my pocket), most of these clothes are up my ally. Some are cute, some are sexy, and some are just gorgeous! There’s really a little bit of everything for everyone. Don’t even get me started with the shoes… My hoarding urges are going crazy.

I assume these items will not be available after the close and re-brand, if that’s the case, please stop by before they are gone forever! They might still be available on the MP at full price after the closing sale.

The notice said today was the last day, but because of how internationally diverse SL is, the time zone and dates can be a tad off. As of 1/30/18 @ 11:15PM PST, the sale is still ongoing. Make sure to stop by and take advantage of this closing sale!

Slurl: Sentinus Designs Mainstore

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Early Valentine’s Gift!

This image belongs to Ms. Izara Zuta~

Remember my post about 7 Deadly S[K]ins, “5 Amazing Years” anniversary? Well on top of the awesome celebration in 2 days, Ms. Izara Zuta is spoiling everyone with an early Valentine’s day event!

How awesome is that? The event is open to everyone. No group is needed but the group is currently free for a very limited time! I recommend joining before the celebration starts! I have no idea when the fee will be back but it will be $50L starting February.

For the Valentine’s Event, you can find 8 tree stump (like the one in the picture above) with a different skin at each one. All you have to do is sit there for 15 minutes and the skin is yours!

While you are camping, you can cam over to the lucky boards and maybe get an extra free skin!~ There’s a variety of skins for all kinds of bodies and heads. Guys, there’s a stump for you too!

This image belongs to Ms. Izara Zuta. Sneak peek of the 2nd group gift for the upcoming celebration,

Ms. Izara also sent out a sneak preview of the free group gifts that will be out for the celebration. The first group gift is already at the mainstore and will be ready to be grabbed once February comes!

The second gift is pictured above, the third gift will be a box filled with 5 previous group offers and lastly, a fatpack of lipsticks! That’s just the beginning though! All the details can be found in my previous post “5 Amazing Years”.

There was no end date, but I assume it will be out at least until Valentine’s day! But don’t quote me on that, come camp as soon as possible, so you don’t miss out!

Update – 02/09: 7 Deadly S[K]ins moved to a new SIM and with the move, the stumps are gone. The second group gift is ready to picked up with the first gift available for $50L. I also updated all 7 Deadly S[K]ins slurls for all my posts!~

Thank you for the early Valentine’s gifts, Izara!

Slurl: 7 Deadly S[K]ins Mainstore

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Excuse Me While I Update!

Hi everyone! For the next couple days, I’ll be updating the way my blog looks and changing some things around so if you see something weird or out of place, please excuse the mess.

When I made my blog back in 2015, I didn’t put much of myself in it. I choose a template and went with it. Now that I’m working on my blog more often, I want to update it to match my personality and style.

I’ll be putting my rusty graphic design skills into action to bring you guys a new look! Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Everything is pretty much done! I was going to try for a new theme but, the choices were limited and none of them fit what I wanted. So I stuck with my old theme and just spiced things up. If any new changes happen, you can find them here!

Updates / Changelog

♦ Background color changed to lavender.
♦ Header image has been changed to a custom image.
♦ Contact button changed to clickable letters.
♦ New profile photo to match the theme.
♦ New font for both headers and body.
♦ Tab/Site icon is now just an M.

♦ Added a Disclaimer Page under FAQs & Policies.

♦ Changed “Blogger For” to “Sponsors”.
♦ Added an About My Sponsors page.
♦ Removed contact forms on “Contact Me” and “About My Blog”.


All Stuff Coming To An End!

Grumble #59 – Hint: Celebrate!

Can you believe the first month of 2018 is already almost over?! I remember when I couldn’t wait to grow older and now I just want time to slow down. There just isn’t enough time in one day… or month.

With the month ending, so is the All Stuff Hunt. That means the Women Stuff, Men Stuff, Home Stuff, Pose Stuff, and Kid Stuff are all coming to an end. If you haven’t check them all out yet, you have 5 days to hunt for all the gifts. Some gifts are $1L!~

To say goodbye to the Women Stuff Hunt, I’m showing off this lovely red “Lace Romper”, a free hunt gift from Grumble by Allie Munro. It comes rigged for the following bodies: all 3 Belleza, Maitreya, both Slink, and TMP.

In case you missed it, you can find some of the Women Stuff Hunt free gifts here: Match MadeFly With MeI Tried To Stay AwayRed RosesMe, Myself, and Heels, and Unicorn & Leather. As a reminder, not all gifts in the hunt are free! Always be mindful before clicking that buy button. The All Stuff Hunt ends on January 31st!

Before I end here, I want to take a moment and thank the Stuff Team for their great organization skills, hard work and efforts into making the hunt possible. I also want to thank all the wonderful creators/designers for participating in the hunt and sharing with us their beautiful creations. Thank you, everyone, for this wonderful hunt!

xMegitsune is wearing:

Hair: Exile ♦ Jill – Wildcards
Romper: Grumble ♦ Lace Romper – Free Hunt Gift
Mesh Body: Maitreya ♦ Lara 4.1
Mesh Head: LAQ ♦ Neve – Bento / Motion Capture
Eyes: KoKoLoRes ♦ Doll – Gold – Free Gift
Skin Applier: .xxx ♦ Cinderella – Retired Group Gift
Pose: ++Desire++ ♦ Model Pose 7 – Free Marketplace Gift


Thank you, Rose!

This snapshot was taken at Scandalize Mainstore.

I’m not in the Scandalize group unfortunately and didn’t know there was a free mini hunt going on at the mainstore. But, Rose, my dear friend, was so kind to pass on the information to me.

I took the time today to stop by Scandalize in search of the watermelons! After about an hour give or take, I got a bit distracted looking at all the beautiful clothing *laughs*, I had found all 12 watermelons!

Once I got home, I was very pleased to find the beautiful “Salvy” swimsuit in 12 different colors! Each watermelon held a different color with sizes for all 3 Belleza, Maitreya, and both Slink!

I tried on the swimsuit which is a simple yet sexy one piece. I chose not to take a picture of myself in it because, well… let’s just say my shape made some parts peek out which might be a bit too sexy for my blog. Don’t let that deter you though, your shape is different than mine, so check it out for yourself.

Thank you, Rose, for the awesome information! You are indeed the greatest friend a girl can have! I’m not sure when the hunt is over so make sure to stop by as soon as possible!

Hint & Tips
Keep in mind the watermelons are small and can take a second to load. The sim is a bit laggy due to the high amount of traffic. If you use the Firestorm viewer, I recommend you use the “Show Friend’s Only” to hide all the avatars. [World > Show Friends Only]

The watermelons are in Scandalize mainstore, not around the sim. So you don’t have to wander outside. I was able to find them all in one go but sometimes things don’t render properly. It helps to teleport out and back in or relog.

If all else fails and you really want a specific color or need help, I’ll gladly provide some support. I won’t show you the exact location but will provide some hints and the general area. Just IM me! ♥

Slurl: Scandalize Mainstore
⇒ As of 1/26 8:00 PM SLT, the sim seems to be down. I can’t teleport in. I’ll keep checking and let you guys know when it’s up again!

Update: The sim is up and running again! Sorry for the late update, some stuff came up in RL!

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