Sinfully Sweet, Indeed.

Photo belongs to Ms. Cheyenne

Remember a few post back about the sexy free “duck” outfit I picked up at the Midwinter Fair? After I had posted it, I decided that Ms. Cheyenne should get a courtesy notification that one of her items was blogged on my blog. We shared a few thank you’s and went about our day.

Today, the happiest day as a blogger, I logged in to an IM by Ms. Cheyenne offering me to be a blogger for Sinfully Sweet! While I read the message, I couldn’t help but smile ear to ear as a fan of Sinfully Sweet, this was the greatest honor.

Sinfully Sweet is a brand that delivers cute clothing, accessories, and shoes with splashes of sexy to women in Second Life. All of the deliciously sexy clothing are made for most mesh bodies with clear logos for you to find the right clothing for your body.

As a blogger for Sinfully Sweet, you can expect posts about new releases, events, promos, and sales. I look forward to working with Ms. Cheyenne and updating you guys with all the beautiful creations she has to offer.

Thank you again, Cheyenne, for this great opportunity. ♥

Slurl: Sinfully Sweet Mainstore

You can also follow and stay updated with Ms. CheyenneS on these platforms:
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