Thank you, Rose!

This snapshot was taken at Scandalize Mainstore.

I’m not in the Scandalize group unfortunately and didn’t know there was a free mini hunt going on at the mainstore. But, Rose, my dear friend, was so kind to pass on the information to me.

I took the time today to stop by Scandalize in search of the watermelons! After about an hour give or take, I got a bit distracted looking at all the beautiful clothing *laughs*, I had found all 12 watermelons!

Once I got home, I was very pleased to find the beautiful “Salvy” swimsuit in 12 different colors! Each watermelon held a different color with sizes for all 3 Belleza, Maitreya, and both Slink!

I tried on the swimsuit which is a simple yet sexy one piece. I chose not to take a picture of myself in it because, well… let’s just say my shape made some parts peek out which might be a bit too sexy for my blog. Don’t let that deter you though, your shape is different than mine, so check it out for yourself.

Thank you, Rose, for the awesome information! You are indeed the greatest friend a girl can have! I’m not sure when the hunt is over so make sure to stop by as soon as possible!

Hint & Tips
Keep in mind the watermelons are small and can take a second to load. The sim is a bit laggy due to the high amount of traffic. If you use the Firestorm viewer, I recommend you use the “Show Friend’s Only” to hide all the avatars. [World > Show Friends Only]

The watermelons are in Scandalize mainstore, not around the sim. So you don’t have to wander outside. I was able to find them all in one go but sometimes things don’t render properly. It helps to teleport out and back in or relog.

If all else fails and you really want a specific color or need help, I’ll gladly provide some support. I won’t show you the exact location but will provide some hints and the general area. Just IM me! ♥

Slurl: Scandalize Mainstore
⇒ As of 1/26 8:00 PM SLT, the sim seems to be down. I can’t teleport in. I’ll keep checking and let you guys know when it’s up again!

Update: The sim is up and running again! Sorry for the late update, some stuff came up in RL!

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