Excuse Me While I Update!

Hi everyone! For the next couple days, I’ll be updating the way my blog looks and changing some things around so if you see something weird or out of place, please excuse the mess.

When I made my blog back in 2015, I didn’t put much of myself in it. I choose a template and went with it. Now that I’m working on my blog more often, I want to update it to match my personality and style.

I’ll be putting my rusty graphic design skills into action to bring you guys a new look! Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Everything is pretty much done! I was going to try for a new theme but, the choices were limited and none of them fit what I wanted. So I stuck with my old theme and just spiced things up. If any new changes happen, you can find them here!

Updates / Changelog

♦ Background color changed to lavender.
♦ Header image has been changed to a custom image.
♦ Contact button changed to clickable letters.
♦ New profile photo to match the theme.
♦ New font for both headers and body.
♦ Tab/Site icon is now just an M.

♦ Added a Disclaimer Page under FAQs & Policies.

♦ Changed “Blogger For” to “Sponsors”.
♦ Added an About My Sponsors page.
♦ Removed contact forms on “Contact Me” and “About My Blog”.


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