A Guide To My Blog

This guide will help you navigate through all the things on my blog and explain what each thing does. If you are looking to learn more about my blog, please visit here: About Megitsune’s Blog!

Menus: The menus are a quick and easy way to find what you are looking for! It also provides you quick links to important pages with information about my blog. The main menu will list everything related to what you selected. Example: Clicking ♥ Freebies will take you to all freebies.

By scrolling over any of the items on the menu, you can find sub-categories to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Example: Scrolling over ♥ Freebies will list different types of freebies.

Side Widgets: These are the boxes to the right of my blog when viewing on a desktop. On a tablet or mobile device, they will be at the bottom of the page or post. These widgets are designed to give you quick access and information about my blog. For example, you can find all the links to submitting items to my blog in the side widgets.

EU Cookie Banner: This is a one-time cookie notification (unless you clear your cookies), letting you know that WordPress and other third-parties found on WordPress uses cookies. By accepting it, you acknowledge that cookies will be stored on your visit. It will pop up at the bottom of your screen.

Post Feed & Symbols: Clicking on the post title on the home page will take you to the post’s page. You can then share the post, comment, like or see related posts.

This symbol signifies that the current item you are looking at is a post. Pages will not have this symbol.

This symbol means that the post on top of the feed has been pinned. I usually pin a post that has recently had important changes, constantly being updated, time-sensitive or is a hot topic. This way you will get the important information first!

This symbol will take you directly to the comments section of that post. The number indicated how many comments have been made on the post.

For help with post marking, acronyms, definitions, please visit my post guide. If you need help navigating through my blog or need help finding anything, please send me an IM in-game at xMegitsune Resident! Thank you~