A Guide To My Posts

This guide is to help you get a better understanding of my posts, the markings on them, and where to find the information included in my post.

Post Styles & Layout:

My posts come in 3 styles. The “Showcase”, “Normal”, and “Info”.

Showcase posts are when I am sharing an item(s) with you guys. It will start out with a photo, the item details, and then end with all the information on where you can get it. An example can be found here: Pretty In Paris

Normal posts are status updates about the blog or about me. These will not have any other information. An example here: Just for you!

Info posts are when I share events, hunts, and other Second Life information that doesn’t have a specific item being showcased. It will have the event details, information on dates and locations and sometimes a picture. An example: The Epiphany! Ending soon!

The Information & The Links:

All information and links will be found at the end of the post. You can find information on what I’m wearing, what is in my picture, where to get the items, and extra information and links.

*All information listed at the time of the post is accurate! Creators, designers, owners, and vendors can remove their item or change their information at any time! Always check the price or group join fee when buying or joining. Thank you!

My information will go like this: (without the brackets)

[1] xMegitsune is wearing:

[2] Hair – [3] NYNE ♦ [4] Elvira – [5] Free Group Gift # 4 – [6] Free To Join

[1] This lets you know what items will be listed below. It would usually say “xMegitsune is wearing:” or “In this picture:”

[2] This lets you know what item it is in the photo.

[3] This is the name of the store & slurl to it. If it is at an event, I will list it like this: Store Name @ Event Name.

[4] This is the name of the item. I use the name that it has in my inventory.

[5] This will only be included if the item is free! It will be listed as a free gift, free group gift, or free subscriber gift.

[6] This will only be included if the free item requires a group to join. It will either say free to join or a fee to join with the fee price. Please always check the group join fee before joining!

If the event, creator, or designer have any other links to a website, social media account, I’ll put it after the information above.

All links can be identified on my blog by being underlined in light red and clickable. You can preview the link at the bottom left of your screen.

The Markings:

The Bolds: I mark important word and dates in bold to help you guys see them and read them. The word free will always be bolded.

The Italics: I use italics for personal comments, side comments, and miscellaneous notes. It usually has nothing to do with the post or isn’t important to the post.

The Strikethrough: Any words or sentences that are no longer accurate will be strikethrough. New or updated information will be added next to it in burgundy.

The Colors:
Black: My blog’s default color.
Light Red: My default link color.
Red: Important! Anything in this color is important.
Green: The word free will always be bolded and in green.
Burgundy: Any new changes or added information will be in this color.