About Megitsune

I am an obsessive-compulsive otaku gamer who blogs in her free time. I enjoy all the cute things in life even though I can’t afford any. I live in a tiny studio with my 5 years + boyfriend and a 4-year-old crazy Siamese cat. (*≧ω≦*)ノ

Second Life information:

In-Game Contact information: Send an IM to xMegitsune Resident. No Notecards!
Viewer: Firestorm
Body: Classic Avatar
Mesh Bodies: [Maitreya] Lara v4.1 | [Ebody] Free Version
Mesh Hands & Feet: [Maitreya] – Classic & Bento
Mesh Heads: [LAQ] Neve – Bento/Motion Capture

Random Information:

♥ Favorite Animals: All Animals!
♥ Favorite Colors: Black, Silver, & Pastel Colors!
♥ Favorite Foods: Japanese Food & Snacks!
♥ Favorite Pastime Activities: Manga, Anime, K-Drama, Music & Second Life!
♥ Hobbies: Anime, Manga, Music, Drawing, Gaming, Coding, Blogging & Fashion!
♥ Favorite K-Pop Group: Monsta X – Jooheon Stan
♥ Favorite Anime: Way too many! Check out my MAL account for all my anime & manga! My MAL Account

Thank you for stopping by & I hope you enjoy your time on my blog!

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