About My Photos

Photos are essential to my blog especially when I am showcasing items to you guys. There will usually be 2 types of photos on my blog: the vendor’s photos and my photos.

The Vendor Photos


This is an example of a vendor photo. Courtesy of Ms. Khea Karas

These photos belong to the creator, designer, or owners of the store. I do not own them or take credit for them. They will always be credited in the photo’s caption. Vendor photos will always have their own store’s icon, logos, and name. Vendor photos are also considered ads or promo images in the SL community.

I will typically use vendor photos when I can’t wear the items but still want to share them with you guys. For example: mesh body specific sizes, mesh heads, and appliers.  I will also use them to show you other content from creators and designers.

Special thanks, to all the creators, designers, and store owners for letting me use their photos on my blog!

Removing Your Photo

If for any reason, you would like for me to remove your image or photo. Please IM me (xMegitsune Resident) in-game! I’ll remove your photo immediately! Thank you!

My Second Life Photos

I personally take all snapshots of my avatar, items, and photos for Second Life. I never outsource to other photographers. If I ever do, the photographer will always be credited in the photo’s caption. Any photos that belong to me will have my signature (Megitsune’s Second Life Blog) and date on them. Most photos can be clicked to enlarge on my blog~

There may be pictures that are taken from stores as a snapshot. (Like the ones in this post.) These photos are usually edited and have my signature on them, any items or vendor pictures in them still belong to the owner. I will always state that those items were taken at the owner’s store.

I never edit or photoshop my avatar or the items I am showcasing. This is to provide you with a straightforward photo of what the items will look like. No fancy lighting effects, dodging or burning.

This is an example of my picture taken to showcase Faboo.’s Summer Hunt Gift.

This has its own flaws since my avatar will never look her best (and that’s okay because no one is perfect. Maybe that’s why mesh bodies are sought after). There may be some strange shadows, weird body part overlaps (due to poses), or ugly feet! However, rest assured that the items being featured or showcased look the way they are supposed to & never edited. What you see is what you get!

It is important to remember that my classic avatar’s shape is different than yours. The items may not fit you as it fits me. Please always try a demo for non-free items pictured or featured on my blog.

Another thing that might make your item(s) look different than mine is your windlight setting. I use a variety of windlight settings to achieve a certain look or smoothness. You can learn more about windlight settings here: Second Life Wiki’s Windlight Settings or Strawberry Singh’s Windlight Setting Tutorial

Any editing done on my photos will be for these reasons only:

♥ Cropping or removing any unnecessary background noise and body parts.
♥ Adding borders and background for effect
♥ Adding signature and date

My Photography Style

I am not an expert. I am new to photography in SL and have much to learn. I don’t have a specific style. I literally take a snapshot in SL and then crop, resize, add my signature and post it.

I like to keep my photos free of noisy backgrounds or backgrounds that will take away from the items that are being showcased. So my photos seem to be a lot plainer than the photos I have seen on Flickr. I’m still learning and experimenting!

As I grow as a blogger and photographer, I hope you can teach me along the way and critique on the things I should work on. Thank you for your continued support!
( ´。• ω •。`) ♡