About My Sponsors

If I blog for anyone or any brand officially, they are considered my sponsors. My sponsors do not pay me to do their posts. However, they graciously provide me with items and I give my honest opinion about the items. I will never promote anything under false pretenses.

When I post about a sponsored item, the item will appear first in the credits / xMegitsune is wearing section. This to differentiate them from my posts that are not sponsored.

Sinfully Sweet is a brand that delivers cute clothing, accessories, and shoes with splashes of sexy to women in Second Life. All of the deliciously sexy clothing are made for most mesh bodies with clear logos for you to find the right clothing for your body. A beautiful example can be found in my showcase post of a new release by Sinfully Sweet.

Created, designed, and owned by CheyenneS
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ROA is a brand that creates a variety of women clothing for both standard avatars and mesh bodies. From classy to sexy, there’s a bit of something for everyone! A stunning example could be found in my showcase post of a free hunt gift by ROA.

Created, designed, and owned by Rocks Clary
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