About Megitsune’s Blog!

Hello Everyone!~ Welcome to my blog! \(^ヮ^)/

My blog is made purely with love, appreciation, admiration, and kindness. I do not get paid to do any of my posts! Please visit my disclosure policy page for more information! For your privacy, please read my privacy policy! Thank you!~

I also blog for these brands: Sinfully Sweet & ROA

»»————–» ♥ «————-««

To help those who want a simple and quick read about what my blog is about, I have made this short list just for you! Here are the things you can expect from my blog:

♥ High-quality Freebies & Group Gifts.
♥ Guides & Tutorials.
♥ Tips & Hints.
♥ Ways to earn Lindens (Second Life Virtual Currency).
♥ Places that you should check out.
♥ About me & my adventures.
♥ Current & upcoming events and hunts.
♥ Links to other helpful websites.

For those who want to get a bit more personal, you can learn more about my blog below! Thank you! (´。• ω •。`)

»»————–» ♥ «————-««

My blog will be dedicated to helping you find high-quality freebies, helpful tips, events & hunts, and ways to earn lindens! It will also include slices of my adventures in SL to show you some beautiful places to visit!

At the age I am at, I don’t have a job. Not because I don’t want to but I can’t due to multiple health problems and disabilities. With that said, I have no extra income, which means $0 USD = $0L = No buying high-quality items. (Hence the specialization on freebies!)

With thousands (maybe millions) beautiful clothing and objects in SL, it can be hard to find some really great freebies especially if you are just starting out! There are also so many wonderful things that you can learn in & about Second Life that it could be overwhelming.  So in light of this, I decided to make this blog to share all the things I have learned, found, and enjoyed to help you (new or old) with your Second Life!

Feel free to drop me (xMegitsune Resident) an IM in SL or leave a comment on my posts! I would be very happy to hear from you! Thank you for taking your time getting to know my blog!~ I really appreciate it!

For Business & Shop Owners

If you’re interested in my blog, the way I blog, or me as a blogger and wish to sponsor me, feel free to contact me. Sponsors will be added to the side of my blog and get a section on my “About My Sponsors” page. Thank you!~ ♥

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