2 Week Birthday Vacation!

Happy Birthday to all the August babies!

Hi, guys! Starting tomorrow August 1, 2017, until August 14, 2017, I’ll be away for my birthday! I won’t have time to add a post every day but you might find me in SL (for a few hours) cleaning out my inventory of 50,000+ items and throwing them in storage.

I’m hoping by the time I get back, I’ll have everything reorganize and ready to blog again. Thank you for your continued support. Have a great summer! ♥


Just for you!

Hi, everyone! (o´▽`o)ノ

I just went through my blog and updated most of my posts to give you the most current information. This includes new slurs (landmarks), new information etc. All changes are marked in a burgundy color.

I also compressed all my photos to reduce the loading time and bandwidth usage. This should help you scroll through my blog with better speed! I will be compressing all photos in the future so you can scroll through and get to those freebies asap!

I will be adding a guide/information page about my blog soon. It will help you have a better understanding of the markings on my posts and an easier navigation to my blog. I’m also going to be adding a direct contact form for you guys, businesses, and shop owners, so you don’t have to send me a notecard in-game!

Thank you so much for your support!


It’s Empty Isn’t It?

Hi, everyone!

I hope you are all doing well!~ I realize that since my blog is brand new, there won’t be a lot of traffic coming through but I want to ensure anyone who visits that I am indeed still working on my blog! Don’t worry I didn’t abandon it! I realize it’s basically empty but I promise once I get all the menus and information about my blog among other things done, I will start blogging about all the wonderful things about SL!

I’m already preparing my first post about an amazing & beautiful store in SL called .:Malt:. for you! Just wait and bear with me for awhile longer! For the time being, feel free to check out FabFree! They are a wonderful group of individual writers/bloggers who are dedicated to finding all things under $75L including tons of freebies!

Thank you for understanding & support! I really appreciate it! Have an amazing Thursday!


Hello & Welcome!~

Thank you so much for visiting my page!

I really hope that you enjoy every post I make as much as I enjoyed writing them! As I continue to grow as a blogger, you can expect more tips & information that could be useful to you on SL!

Feel free to stop by the About Me section to learn more about me and my blog!

Thanks again for visiting my blog! Hope to see you soon!