Freebie Etiquette

It is always important to show some manners and respect, whether you are in the real world or virtual world! I always believe in the “treat others how you would want to be treated” concept!

Before I begin, I just want to say this is just my opinion! These aren’t rules or policies you have to follow but it would be nice if you extend the courtesy to those who deserve it! Especially to all the amazing designer, creators, and owners who provided you with freebies!

»»————–» ♥ «————-««

♥ Do not complain or “trash” talk to the person who gave you their freebies!

It is rude to complain to about something you got for free! If for any reason you don’t like their freebie simply throw it away and move on. Most designer’s give out freebies as a way to show their work or as appreciation for supporting them. Don’t message them to ask for more freebies!

♥ Do not complain if the freebie isn’t to your liking!

If the freebie isn’t your favorite color, style, etc, don’t message the designer and ask them to give you a different one. If you don’t like it, don’t wear it! Give it away (if transferable) or throw it away! Freebies are not going to always be to your liking! If it is, let the designer know that you love their work!

♥ Keep in mind that complaining will only ruin it for everyone else!

Remember the designers are giving these freebies away for free! They don’t have to give you anything! So complaining to them about the freebie is just going to make them less likely to give out more freebies! Always appreciate what you get especially if it’s free! Again don’t like it, trash it and move on!

♥ Always be appreciative & thankful!

Like I mentioned through out this page, Designers do not have to give you anything! Especially not for free! So do them a favor, let them know you appreciate their kindness and are thankful they offered you something for free!

♥ Spread the love!

If someone like or love your freebie, let them know where you got it! Of course you’re not going to remember where you got everything but for the ones you do, share it with those around you! We all love freebies!

♥ Do not resell your freebies!

I can’t stress how important this is! It is so rude and unethical for you to sell your freebies! You got it for free so keep it that way! If you no longer want the item throw it away or pass it along (if transferable) to another newbie! Making that few extra bucks is just not worth it. It’s just disrespectful!

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