Freebie Review & PR Policy

Do you have a freebie you would like to share? or Did you find a freebie? Feel free to share it with me & my readers! Thank you for sharing! ♥

I will only accept information about freebies|gifts ($0L). Dollarbies ($1L) are not considered freebies on this blog. I accept all types of freebies. If it’s free, I’ll review it for my blog. Don’t worry about the items quality, I’ll screen the content for you so just share away!

For Creators & Designers:

Thank you for sharing your free items with me and my readers! We all know you don’t have to offer any free items and we gratefully appreciate it!

To share your freebies, just drop me a notecard @ xMegitsune Resident with your shop and landmark and I’ll do the rest! Thank you!

For Readers:

Thank you for reading my blog! If you found a freebie and would like to share it with everyone, just drop me a notecard @ xMegitsune Resident with the store name or event and a landmark to the freebie. Thank you!

Please note that not every freebie has been worn or tested by me. Especially those that are for mesh bodies (Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, etc), mesh heads (Akeruka, Catwa, Genesis Lab, etc.), mesh body parts (Slink Hands and Feet) or use an applier (Huds for mesh bodies & heads) since I don’t own one. However, I will still include them in my blog for my readers that do use them! They will still be screened to ensure they are free and available to you.


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