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Thank you for having your product be reviewed by me! I hope that by submitting your item to be reviewed by me, I can help you grow a bigger customer base and reach a wider audience! Please take a look at my review policy before submitting for a review.

I will only review products and services related to Second Life. This may include clothing, makeup, tools, huds, and other non-wearable objects. At this time, I only review Omega/LAQ appliers for LAQ Mesh Head and Maitreya/Omega appliers. Other appliers will not be reviewed at this time.

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Review Policy

• Reviews are always free.

• Reviews always require you to send me the item after I agree to the review.

• If the item you are asking to be reviewed is free, please use the freebie form instead.

• Reviews will be posted within 1-3 days once I have received and tested out your product.

• Content Theft is not condoned! I will only review items that you made!

• Any images or textures for your gift can be sent to me via in-game, through my Flickr Group, or with a link using the comments/note box.

•The reviews will not be provided to you before being published on my blog. By submitting a product for review, you agree to an unbiased review.

Review Disclaimer

• Reviews are not guaranteed! Some items will not be reviewed due to a conflict of interest! Please wait for me to send you an acceptance notecard before you send me the item.

• Sending me an item without receiving my Acceptance Notecard, may not get reviewed.

• By submitting any information (including images, texts, & links) on my blog, you are giving me full permission to use it with no limitation within my blog.

• A review post will not be removed or edited. I only will only edit it if the product information has changed or the item is no longer available. All my reviews are unbiased and fair!

Review Changes / Updates

If you need to make any changes or update your review item’s information, feel free to IM me (xMegtsune Resident) in-game.

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