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Thank you for submitting your freebies to my blog! I hope that by submitting your freebies with me, I can help you grow a bigger customer base and reach a wider audience!

Freebies are always $0L! Freebies for this form are considered as a “no string attached” item meaning they do not require you to subscribe or join a group. Please use the group gift form or subscriber form for freebies with other requirements.

To submit any other items, please check the following links:

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Freebie Policy

• Freebies are always posted for free.

• Freebies can be on the Marketplace or in store.

• Vendors with instant reimbursements are allowed (Pay $1L, Get $1L)

• I accept any and all types of freebies.

• All group gift, including subscriber regardless of join cost need to be submitted under group gifts or subscriber gifts.

• If your freebie has an expiration date, please make sure to include the date when filling out the form. If you are unsure, please put a zero in the box.

• Any images or textures for your freebie can be sent to me via in-game, through my Flickr Group, or with a link using the comments/note box.

Freebie Disclaimer

• Time sensitive freebies may take priority over non-time sensitive freebies.

• Not all freebies will be blogged, posted, or added to my blog.

• By submitting any information (including images, texts, & links) on my blog, you are giving me full permission to use it with no limitation within my blog.

• Freebies will be personally hand checked for accuracy and verification.

Freebie Changes / Updates

If you need to make any changes or update your freebie information, feel free to comment on your freebie post or IM me (xMegtsune Resident) in-game.

For Creators, Designers, & Store Owners

Thank you for sharing your freebies with my readers! Creators, designer, and store owners who continue to support my blog by constantly or frequently submitting freebies will get a non-paid supporter spot on my blog as an appreciation. This will have you featured on the side of my blog!

For My Readers

Thank you for reading my blog! You are welcome to share any freebies you find, however you must state in the comment section that you do not own the freebie. I will gladly credit you in the post if you wish to be named or you can remain anonymous (You will be referred as “an adjective will go here” reader)

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