With A Heavy Heart

I have sad news today and I apologize for the sudden announcement. I’ve mentioned it a few times in my past posts that my health has always been a problem for me and has halted my blogging multiple times before.

A few days ago, I received some new that I required a checkup for a previous condition and received the results today. It was brought to my attention that a previous diagnosis has become a bigger problem and will require treatment. In light of this news, my health has taken a turn for the worse. I don’t know how much time I can spare for my blog or when or if I have time for Second Life.

With things as it is, my blog once again will take a seat on the back burner. I want to thank everyone who has read my blog and supported me during the last two months. Especially, Sinfully Sweet’s Ms. Cheyenne and ROA’s Ms. Roxie. You both have put your faith in me and supported me and I can’t ever thank you enough.

I will be wrapping everything up and finishing up posts with items given to me. Thank you so much, everyone, for everything. With 1500 view reached (1000 was the milestone I was hoping to reach next after the 500), I am humbly grateful and with a heavy heart, farewell for now! Much love to everyone and please take care of your health!

Sincerely Grateful,