Let’s Be Pirates

 Who wants to be a pirate? I do!~ Please click on the picture for a closer look, if needed!

Remember that free gorgeous eyepatch and halter top I mention in my last post? The one that I absolutely adore? Well, here it is! Isn’t it so beautiful?

“Punky Pirate” Eyepatch & Halter Top
The eyepatch that I can’t stop staring at and halter top is a free group gift from Gross Princess by Victoria MacFanatic at the Le Posh Event. Not only does the eyepatch comes with the beautiful roses, it adds a cute little cross behind your ears. It also comes with a resizing script to fit all kinds of head shapes.

The punky halter top comes in the Standard XXS-L with an alpha included. Mesh body users can use their bodies own alpha hud if needed.

“Cat Diamond” Tattoo
The sugar skull-esque cat tattoo is a free gift from Holloway by LisaHolloway at the D23 Event. It comes in an omega applier! There’s also a few other gifts from other designers ranging from $0L to $23L at the event.

“Starbound” Earrings
Sn@tch has always been kind enough to provide a free gift at every event. I don’t think there was a time when the lovely Ivey Deschanel hasn’t provided one. This time the jeweled star earrings are being gifted for free at the Darkness Chamber Fair / Cyber Edition. The pair of earrings comes with a hud filled with 8 colors.

There are also several gifts from different designers ranging from $0L – $20L around the fair. The Darkness Chamber Fair ends on February 10th. As usual, remember to always check prices before purchasing gifts.

xMegitsune is wearing:

Hair: .EscalateD. ♦ Merle – Winter Edition
Eye Patch & Top: Gross Princess @ Le Posh Event ♦ Punky Pirate – Free Group Gift –
Free to Join
Tattoo: Holloway @ D23 Event ♦ Cat Diamond – Free Gift
Earrings: Sn@tch at Darkness Chamber Fair ♦ Starbound – Free Gift
Septum: MODA ♦ Triplicity Septum Ring

Mesh Body: Maitreya ♦ Lara 4.1
Mesh Head: LAQ ♦ Neve – Bento / Motion Capture
Eyes: The Little Bat ♦ Glimmer Eyes
Skin Applier: .xxx ♦ Cinderella – Retired Group Gift
Pose: Hazy. ♦ Yukine Pose 4 – Okinawa Winter Fair Past Gift


Mornings & People

화이팅!~ Hwaiting!~ to all my non-morning readers and mad kudos to those of you who are~

Let’s be honest, I’m never up before 11AM. I wake up around noon most days and stay half-asleep for another few hours. On those days where I have to get up early, I am not a happy camper. Since I woke up grumpy, I tend to stay away from others as every little thing get’s me irritated. On days like that, this free sexy & cute outfit fits me just perfectly!

My “I Don’t Like People” outfit by Sinfully Sweet by CheyenneS is a free group gift for the upcoming Le Posh Event. The super cute black & pink outfit comes in 4 pieces, the harness crop top, micro skirt, heart garters, and panties (not pictured)!

*Update: The Le Posh group tag is needed for the free gift. The group is free to join!

The top, skirt, and garters are fitmesh rigged for Freya|Isis, Maitreya, and both Slink bodies. The panties can be applied with Omega & Belleza appliers.

The Le Posh Event opens up on January 24th and ends on February 13thSinfully Sweet is the first stall to the left of the entrance with 3 awesome items on sale for only $99L! Make sure to check them out when picking up your free gift!

This special preview was brought to you by Ms. CheyenneS who kindly sent me the information as a Sinfully Sweet blogger.

xMegitsune is wearing:

Outfit: Sinfully Sweet @ Le Posh Event ♦ I Don’t Like People – Free Group Gift – Free to Join

Hair: .EscalateD. ♦ Merle – Winter Edition
Septum: MODA ♦ Triplicity Septum Ring
Tattoo: .Identity. Body Shop ♦ Fire Kiss – Free Marketplace Gift
Mesh Body: Maitreya ♦ Lara 4.1
Mesh Head: LAQ ♦ Neve – Bento / Motion Capture
Eyes: KoKoLoRes ♦ Doll – Gold – Free Gift
Skin Applier: .xxx ♦ Cinderella – Free Group Gift – $50L to Join
Pose: Hazy. ♦ Yukine Pose 2 – Okinawa Winter Fair Past Gift

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That One Favorite Hoodie

I was too lazy to put in my contacts and wear pants today…

We all have that one favorite hoodie that you just lounge in all day and get all those pesky crumbs stuck on it. I know I do, plus some cat hair that seems to never come off even after washing.

While I can’t have that same hoodie in Second Life, I sure found a substitute that is equally awesome and cat hair free! My cozy “Chilly Hugg” zip-up sweatshirt can be found at ROA by Rocks Clary for only $75L!

Chilly Hugg comes in the two-tone, neon pastel purple & blue. (yes, neon pastel exists!) The fitmesh is rigged for all 3 Belleza, Maitreya, both Slink, and Werewolf.

This is my first item as a blogger for ROA! If you have any questions regarding the sweatshirt or would like to see it in person, I would be more than happy to answer them or demonstrate it for you!

xMegitsune is wearing:

Sweatshirt – ROA ♦ Chilly Hugg – $75L

Hair: .EscalateD. ♦ Merle – Winter Edition
Septum: MODA ♦ Triplicity Septum Ring
Glasses: BlankLine ♦ Glasses – Free Group Gift – Free to Join
Tattoo: .Identity. Body Shop ♦ Fire Kiss – Free Marketplace Gift
Mesh Body: Maitreya ♦ Lara 4.1
Mesh Head: LAQ ♦ Neve – Bento / Motion Capture
Eyes: KoKoLoRes ♦ Doll – Gold – Free Gift
Skin Applier: .xxx ♦ Cinderella – Free Group Gift – $50L to Join
Pose: Hazy. ♦ Yukine Pose – Okinawa Winter Fair Past Gift

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I.M. Collection ~ New Location, Free Group

The new year has been full of changes for me in real life and second life. I have finally upgraded to all mesh! It was a lot of work to get my new Maitreya body but it was well worth it. Especially since one of my favorite stores, I.M. Collection, makes clothing for mesh bodies!

Speaking of I.M. Collection, for the new year, Ms. Iseult McPherson has moved her store to a new location! To celebrate the new change, the group is free to join for the whole month of January! The group fee was $100L (if I remember correctly, I was already in the group before the fee was enacted awhile ago.)

*Update: The new group fee will be $75L starting February 1st, 2018!

There are 14 free group gifts available to the group! Plus a gift for SLF&O and Fab Free members! My dress is one of the 14 group gifts. It comes in 3 colors (Green, Gold, Orange) and in 6 sizes (3 Belleza, Maitreya, 2 Slink)!

I.M. Collection group members also get a 5% store credit with every purchase. So drop on by check out all the classy & contemporary clothing and grab your free gifts while the group is free to join!

A quick note on my makeup~ The eyeshadow and lipstick are both testers & free. They are wearable with no demo markings. It is used as a sample for the rest of the set which is very generous! Musa’s is Omega & System while Alaskametro is Omega, System, Catwa, and Lelutka.

xMegitsune is wearing:

Hair: MINA Hair ♦ Myrtle – Essentials
Outfit: I.M. Collection ♦ Group Gift # 12 – Free Group Gift – Free to Join
Septum: MODA ♦ Triplicity Septum Ring

Mesh Body: Maitreya ♦ Lara 4.1
Mesh Head: LAQ ♦ Neve – Bento / Motion Capture
Eyes: KoKoLoRes ♦ Doll – Gold – Free Gift
Eyeshadow: Musa ♦ Eir – Free Tester
Lipstick: Alaskametro<3 ♦ Lipslick – Free Tester
Skin Applier: .xxx ♦ Cinderella – Free Group Gift – $50L to Join


How Much Luck Do You Have Left?

Looks like I used up all my luck on those chairs… I was on my way to a New Years party and seem to have taken a wrong turn somewhere. On the upside, the penguins are adorable!

With the new year literally around the corner, I wanted to use any luck I had left for 2017! It looks like I had just enough left to get all 8 women lucky chair gifts (1 chair for the men too!) from Bri’s Underground Wear. A group tag is required, free to join.

For this round of chairs, you can collect all 9 white outfits. Different styles for different occasions! Each chair gives you the full look! You get the outfit, shoes, accessories, and make-up. There’s also a sale going on where you can get any white outfits in the store at 50% off.

My outfit above is from the middle chair. It has a beautiful flower deco for the dress and your hair and comes with the full makeup which I opted out for my picture. The beautiful sandal heels (slink high feet) are included!

My eyes are also a free group gift, free to join from *bluebird*! It comes in 14 different colors! It was made for LAQ mesh head but also works for classic avatars! They also have other group gifts available! My beautiful crimson lipstick is a free tester from Alaskametro<3. It comes with system layers and an omega applier. Catwa & Lelutka appliers are also available! Overflow Poses also has 6 free gifts on their marketplace! Buy them for $0L!

Bri’s Underground Wear also has 2 free group gifts out for men and women. You can check out the women’s group gift in my previous post! If you are in the SLF&O, Omega Obsession, or FitMesh group, you can pick up a free group gift too! All three are free to join! I’m not sure how long this round of chairs, gifts, and sale will last so drop by soon!

xMegitsune is wearing:

Hair: !Soul ♦ Mesh Hair – No Longer Available
Outfit: Bri’s Underground Wear ♦ Khausiki – Free Lucky Chair Gift – Free to Join
Choker: Chic Moda ♦ Mae Choker – Old Cosmopolitan Gift
Septum: MODA ♦ Triplicity Septum Ring

Mesh Body: Ebody ♦ Free Version – $1L
Mesh Head: LAQ ♦ Neve – Bento / Motion Capture
Eyes: *bluebird* ♦ LAQ Eyes 01 – Soft Air – Free Group Gift – Free to Join
Lipstick: Alaskametro<3 ♦ Crimson Tester – Free Tester
Skin Applier: LAQ ♦ Blair – Pale – Free Group Gift – Free to Join
Poses: Overlow Poses ♦ Pack Gift 5 (2) – Free Marketplace Gift

SIM: Winter, Happy New Year @ Painful Meltdown


3 AM Shoe Hoarder

This image belongs to Ms. Eonla and can be found on MODA’s website.

Hi, everyone! It’s 3 am and all I can think about are shoes! Especially, free beautiful mesh shoes!  \(★ω★)/

Update: As of 8/8/17, the gift card is no longer available!

MODA by Ms. Eonla is currently giving out a free limited-time $100L gift card for everyone! Come grab it asap since I’m not sure when it will disappear! You can TP in and head towards the shoes building and find your gift card in a floating rotating box to the right of the entrance! You do not need to join the group to receive the gift card.

While you are there, don’t forget to slap the Midnight Madness board and try your luck on the Lucky Chairs for more free shoes and a few elusive clothing and accessory!

Taken @ MODA mainstore There are multiple items in each chair!

Taken @ MODA mainstore. You can find the board to the right of the Lucky Chairs

The MM item changes every day and requires 350 slaps by midnight while the 4 Lucky Chair changes letters every 6 minutes. You do not need to join the group for either of them.

If you are a member of the popular SL F&O group, you can also pick up a free pair of gorgeous stilettos which comes in 4 different styles! If you’re not, you can join the group for free!

All the shoes are for mesh bodies like Slink, Maitreya, etc. Please check the item board for compatibility with your mesh bodies. I haven’t seen any shoes for Classic Avatars at the store but most clothing and accessories are available for both Classic and Mesh Bodies.

For those who are further interested in MODA and would like their 11 exclusive VIP gifts, you can join MODA VIP Group for $500L. You can find the gifts in the back of the store.

The Slurl: MODA Mainstore

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