Did You Hear A Quack?

I don’t know if you guys heard that but I’m sure I heard a duck quack somewhere @ the Midwinter Fair! Shouldn’t they be gone for the winter?! Maybe I’m just duck obsessed and hear quacking everywhere. Whether I’m hearing things or not (let’s hope not), Sinfully Sweet by CheyenneS definitely got me duck’n out!

This lovely pink “Duck This” outfit is a free gift at the Midwinter Fair! The outfit comes with this super cute tied crop top and the very sexy micro skirt! It comes in Maitreya and both Slink sizes!

Tiara & Jewels… Duck Princess? I wish~

The 7th Annual Midwinter Fair is packed with many free gifts. There is one (a few of them have two) at every booth! I’m showing 5 of the gifts in this post including the outfit above!

The Tiara – Gift #2

Everyone needs to feel like a princess once in awhile and this beautiful tiara definitely makes me feel like one! The diamonds on it makes me feel extra royalty~ You can find this free gift from Viki by Achille Wirefly.

The Jewels – Gift #3

I don’t usually like face jewels, they never seem to fit with my face or go with my outfit, however, these are my favorite! These jewels are a piece, connected to each other but can be adjusted individually by “editing links”(always make a copy before editing!). It can be picked up for free at Cubic Cherry by Kreao Kujisawa.

The Nails – Gift #4

Even though they aren’t shown very well in the picture, you can pick them up at the fair from On A Lark by Discovering Destiny for free and check them out for yourself! They come in 3 colors with XOXOs on them! They are for Maitreya only!

The Poses – Gift #5

My poses shown above in both pictures are from Serendipity by AriellaLata. The free gift consists of 3 poses from the “Listener” set! It’s perfect for any scenario where you might need to listen or when you’re hearing imaginary quacks…

The Midwinter Fair ends on the 17th, so you have 2 more days to pick up all the free gifts! Don’t forget to check out all the items & gacha on sale and discounted just for the fair!

xMegitsune is wearing:

Hair: DUE ♦ Karin – Vitamins
Outfit: Sinfully Sweet @ Midwinter Fair ♦ Duck This – Free Gift
Tiara: Viki @ Midwinter Fair ♦ Diamond Tiara – Free Gift
Face Jewels: Cubic Cherry @ Midwinter Fair ♦ Giza Jewels – Silver – Free Gift

Mesh Body: Maitreya ♦ Lara 4.1
Mesh Head: LAQ ♦ Neve – Bento / Motion Capture
Eyes: KoKoLoRes ♦ Doll – Gold – Free Gift
Nail Applier: On A Lark @ Midwinter Fair ♦ Nails 007 – XOXOXO – Free Gift
Skin Applier: .xxx ♦ Cinderella – Free Group Gift – $50L to Join
Poses: Serendipity @ Midwinter Fair ♦ The Listener – 2 & 3 – Free Gift


The Perfect Snowflake

I censored my girls for this picture. Your lingerie will not have a circle covering the breast area…

I have always wanted to catch a snowflake falling gently from the skies and landing perfectly on my tongue… And now I have! What a great way to end the year, I managed to do something “productive”. I would have never been able to in real life since snow seems to hate us Californians.

I know I shouldn’t go out in the snow in this outfit but I saw that perfect snowflake falling and I had to go catch it! Even though I wouldn’t recommend you to go running in the snow with it, it’s the perfect lingerie to snuggle up with that perfect someone or pillow. (Pillows need loving too!)

You can pick up this lovely outfit as a free group gift @ Bri’s Underground Wear. You must join the free group to receive your gift! The outfit also comes with a pair of matching high heels, stocking, gloves, makeup, and a gold ♥ jewelry set (pictured above). Appliers are included!

While you are there don’t forget the 3 affiliate gifts, men’s group gift, and lucky chairs in the back along with 50% off on all white clothing!

More Gifts!

My new hair, Betty, is a lovely free Xmas Group Gift from Fabia, it’s a fat pack with 6 different color huds filled with tons of hair color options! There’s more! It comes with a hud that changes the hairstyle in 5 different ways! How awesome is that?! The group is currently free to join!

Remember that perfect snowflake I was so eager to catch? You can catch it too! It is a free group gift from LAQ. It comes with a pose and the snowflake! Free to join LAQ!

My body pose is a part of a cute pose set called Yukine from Hazy.. It’s one of the many free gifts at the Okinawa Winter Festival. No group required! The festival ends on January 16!

The deliciously fierce gold eyes (system and mesh) are a free gift from KoKoLoRes. You don’t need to join the group to get these eyes but from now until December 31st, the VIP Group is free to join! After the 31st, it will return to $250L! There are also 2 other free gifts along with the 2 group gifts ready to be picked up. You can find other limited time free to join groups here!

Lastly, the cute little heart stickers under my eyes are a free group gift from Nevrose. There are 4 other group gifts for you to grab! The group is free to join!

xMegitsune is wearing:

Hair: Fabia ♦ Betty Fat Pack – Free Xmas Group Gift – Free to Join
Lingerie & Underwear: Bri’s Underground Wear ♦ Ira – Free Group Gift – Free to Join
Heart Eye Stickers: Nevrose ♦ Pasties Eye Hearts – Free Group Gift – Free to Join
Bracelet & Necklace: Bri’s Underground Wear ♦ Ira – Free Group Gift – Free to Join
Choker: Chic Moda ♦ Mae Choker – Old Cosmopolitan Gift
Septum: MODA ♦ Triplicity Septum Ring

Mesh Body: Ebody ♦ Free Version – $1L
Mesh Head: LAQ ♦ Neve – Bento / Motion Capture
Eyes: KoKoLoRes ♦ Doll – Gold – Free Gift
Skin Applier: LAQ ♦ Blair – Pale – Free Group Gift – Free to Join
Pose w/ Snowflake: LAQ ♦ Snowflake On Tongue – Free Group Gift – Free to Join
Pose: Hazy. @ Okinawa Winter Fair ♦ Yukine Pose 1 – Free Gift


Emporium Is Closing Soon!

Hey, guys! I just got back from my vacation last week and catching up has slowed me down a bit. With the weird weather lately, I might be coming down with a cold. (So excuse any typos and weird grammar that might pop up, a courtesy of the cold medicine!)

As we start to transition into Fall, Second Life designer/owner of Emporium, Antonia Millar is also transitioning to a new stage in her Second Life with Belle Poses. After years of providing SL with beautiful high-quality clothing and shoes, she will be closing her store, Emporium.

These two beautiful top & lingerie are $50L @ Emporium. These images belong to Ms. Antonia Millar and can be found in-store.

With Emporium closing soon, Ms. Millar has reduced all of her items to $75L or less for the closing sale! Most of the clothing is $25L – $15L with a few at $50L – $75L. For the gacha lovers, all 8 gatchas are only $5L each!

You can find these 2 gachas and 6 more @ Emporium for only $5L! These images belong to Ms. Antonia Millar.

There is also a free group gift, Meggie Flats, a pair of cute flats with a hud that includes 18 different colors, still available with some items ranging from $3L – $20L on the shelf right next to it. The Emporium group is still open and free to join!

This will be your last chance to get any of Emporium‘s item. After it closes, all items including the Marketplace will be gone forever. Ms. Millar didn’t include a date with her notecard so you should head over there asap!

These group gifts are free! The left gift is @ Emporium. The right gift is 1 of 3 @ Belle Poses. These images belong to Ms. Antonia Millar & JackBiGGirl.

Ms. Millar will be focusing on her new store, Belle Poses which sells apparel, accessories, and poses. While you check out the new store, you can grab 3 free group gifts. The group is currently free to join! You can also find 2 dollarbie poses & 4 poses for $5L at the Marketplace Store!

Good luck to Ms. Millar and Belle Poses!~ Thank you for your hard work all these years!

The Slurls:
Emporium (To the left from the landing point)
Belle Poses

You can follow and stay updated with Ms. Antonia Millar on these platforms:
Facebook | Flickr

You can follow and stay updated with Belle Poses on these platforms:
Flickr | Marketplace