Zebra Sparkle

I’m gift #4 from Emerald Couture, look for a green mesh diamond and take me home!

I’m an animal lover at heart. There’s something about them that I can’t just resist, so when I found this free Glitter Zebra Print dress, I just had to share it!

This “Zebra BW Sparkle” Dress is a free hunt gift from Emerald Couture by JieJie Emerald for the Free Dove’s January Mini Hunt! I love the way the glitter goes so well with the zebra print and that swoop back is a great addition.

The dress comes in the following sizes: Belleza, FitMesh XS-XL, Maitreya, Slink, and Standard XS-XL with an alpha included. There is also a cute pair of matching heels included which I, unfortunately, couldn’t show due to not having Slink’s High Feet.

The Free Dove Mini Hunt runs every month with 3 designers participating. This month’s designers are Emerald Couture, Marquesse, and Shoe-Ddiction. There are 10 free hunt gifts from each designer to be found (30 total). Emerald Couture & Shoe-Ddiction have the last 3 hunt gifts at their mainstore.

The Free Dove‘s group tag (free to join) is required for the free hunt gifts besides Marquesse’s whose gifts are set to buy for $0L. There are no hint’s available. You will have to wander around and keep your eyes peeled! Don’t let the 100s of free items distract you, the hunt ends at the end of the month!

xMegitsune is wearing:

Hair: EMO-tions ♦ Nella – Fatpack
Dress: Emerald Couture @ The Free Dove ♦ Zebra BW Sparkle – Free Hunt Gift – Free to Join
Mesh Body: Maitreya ♦ Lara 4.1
Mesh Head: LAQ ♦ Neve – Bento / Motion Capture
Eyes: KoKoLoRes ♦ Doll – Gold – Free Gift
Skin Applier: .xxx ♦ Cinderella – Free Group Gift – $50L to Join

The landmark to Emerald Couture & Shoe-Ddiction mainstore are below for the remaining 3 gifts (#8, #9, #10)
Emerald Couture Mainstore | Shoe-Ddiction Mainstore


Faboo. Summer Galore

{Photo 1} It’s was a bit windy at the ocean last night.

Good morning! Before I head to sleep, I wanted to make sure you guys don’t miss out on some free hunt gifts! Faboo. is currently having a Summer Hunt at their mainstore & SIM with 30 free hunt prizes! You do have to join their group which is free to join! The hunt ends on July 31st so you have 3 days to find all these gifts.

Faboo. is generously giving out 13 swimsuits, 7 dresses, 2 tops, 2 cover ups, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 floaties, a $200L gift card, and a skin in this hunt. Most of the clothing comes with huds so you are really getting more than 30 gifts! Some of the gifts might look the same but they each have a different hud.

{Photo 2} I might be standing next to a surf board but I don’t know a thing about it.

There is a prize for everyone! Faboo. made sure that all types of bodies are included in this hunt! There are 15 items to fit classic avatars, 12 for Maitreya, 9 for Slink, 8 for Belleza, 4 for TMP, 2 for Tonic, 3 Omega Appliers, and 1 Tango Applier. The 2 shoes are both for Slink with 1 of them with a Maitreya size.

I don’t want to spoil it any more than I have, so go hunt these free prizes! Also, prize locations will not be revealed! You must find them on your own! It took me about an hour and a half to find all 30 prizes. ( I ate dinner while I was doing it so give or take 30 minutes) Fortunately, you can get a notecard with the hunt info and hints at the hunt banner located at the entrance.

Good luck and happy hunting!

NYNE (last mention on my post here) has added another free group gift for her birthday tomorrow! It is available at the mainstore right now. The curly-licious hair is called Omena and comes with a hud. That makes a total of 16 gifts! Happy birthday Nyuu!

I’m also showing off NYNE’s other 2 groups gifts in this post. Vivian featured in my second photo, comes in black with a hud. If you would like to keep it black, make a copy before using the hud. The hud does not include black as a color option! So once you “dye” it, you can’t get it back. Breeze in my first photo also comes with a hud.

xMegitsune is wearing:

{Photo 1}

Hair – NYNE ♦ Breeze – Free Group Gift #14 – Free to Join
Dress – Faboo. ♦ Wrap Dress – Free Hunt Prize – Free to Join
Earrings – Faida & Fallen Gods Inc. @ The Epiphany ♦ Cornelia Earrings – Free Gift
Skin – Essences ♦ Teal – Pale 02 – The Gacha Garden Gift (Aug 2015)
Septum – MODA ♦ Triplicity Septum Ring
Nails – Glitzz ♦ Millena Set

{Photo 2}

Hair – NYNE ♦ Vivien – Free Group Gift #13 – Free to Join
Swimsuit – Faboo. ♦ Rio Unikini – Fushia – Free Hunt Gift – Free to Join
Skin – Essences ♦ Teal – Pale 02 – The Gacha Garden Gift (Aug 2015)
Septum – MODA ♦ Triplicity Septum Ring
Nails – Glitzz ♦ Millena Set

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NYNE – 15 Group Gifts!

The images are from NYNE’s mainstore! I just did some editing for the blog! ♥ *There’s 12 in the picture! I obviously forgot how to count! So sorry guys!

My first post after my long hiatus! Come grab these 11 15 amazing and beautiful free gifts at NYNE by Ms. Nyuu Neiro! You can find them right behind the front desk. There might be more coming with each milestone reached. (So far 2 extra group gifts were added for 400 members & 500 members) *Update: 3 new gifts have been added for almost reaching 1000 members!

These 3 new lovely hairstyles just got added to the Group Gifts! Congrats NYNE on 800+ members! The images are from NYNE’s mainstore!

You need to join NYNE’s group and wear your group tag to receive your gifts. It is currently free to join! Ms. Nyuu Neiro has provided you with 11 15 gifts, it includes 8 12 hairstyles, a dress, a pair of shorts, and a pair of heels!

Each marvelous hairstyle includes a texture hud and comes in 2 sizes (1 regular / 1 for gals with a bigger chest area).

The hair featured in the picture above is from NYNE’s 4th group gift called Elvira. It comes with a texture hud, 7 base colors, and 11 streak colors! Hairbase is not included!

The lovely fitmesh shoulder dress comes in 5 sizes (XS-XL), an alpha layer, and sizes for Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink. It comes in black/dark gray color. (An image of it can be found on my post here)

The sexy mini mesh shorts include 5 sizes (XXS-L), an alpha layer and a size for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, & TMP. It comes in black, accented with chains, studs, and zippers.

The gorgeous but dangerous pair of heels comes with an unrigged version and a version for Slink High Feet. The heels come in blue and white stripes (reminds me of a nautical theme) and red spiked tips.

Don’t miss out on these awesome gifts! Come grab them soon! Don’t forget to thank Ms. Nyuu Neiro for the super fantastic gifts. Another picture for the gifts was added on my new post here: Summer Ocean Breeze.

xMegitsune is wearing:

Hair –  NYNE ♦ Elvira – Free Group Gift # 4 – Free To Join

Skin – Essences ♦ Teal – Pale 02 – The Gacha Garden Gift (Aug 2015)

Septum – MODA ♦ Triplicity Septum Ring

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